Meeting sensory needs with comfort, warmth, activity.


  • Our son and his wife found information on your Twiddle and got one for my wife for Christmas.  It became a prized possession for her almost instantly!  The Twiddle has been very calming for her at various times throughout her day.  I was initially a bit surprised at her interest in it, but am now a super fan of your products!  The Twiddle has given me nearly an hour each evening to prepare and cook our main meal of the day.  This is absolutely life saving for me in my opinion.  Having her interest focused on the Twiddle while she watches the evening news with her snack and a "beverage" has been invaluable!

    Kenneth S.

  • This is such a great idea! I got this for my dad, who has late stage Parkinson’s, and is in the final stages of Lewy Bodies Dementia. It is difficult getting a warm shirt on him, and he is constantly fiddling and pulling at his sweatpants, the mechanisms on his wheelchair, whatever is there for his fingers to twiddle that he is imagining. This has been so easy to put on him, and keeps him just warm enough. And the fiddle part is fantastic... keeps his hands occupied, without him trying to pull his pants and everything else apart. It washes well, and is true to size. If you’ve got a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, then you are absolutely going to want this.


  • AdaptiWrap is a breeze to put on or take off, whether the resident is sitting or standing. It reduces behaviors in those for whom on/off over the head is a challenge, or who have pain, limited movements.

    Matt, caregiver

  • I bought this Twiddle a couple of months ago for my 94 year old mother who has had slowly progressing dementia for the past 10 years. She has resided in a wonderful assisted living facility for over 2 years, but in addition to dementia, suffers from anxiety in that she often wants to "go home". This has led to occasional episodes where she cries, nervously wrings her hands, picks at her face, etc. Her family and staff have found her Twiddle to be a very effective comforting diversion that keeps her hands busy and helps calm her nervousness. Thank you for a great product!

    Michael Steiger

  • The garment is very nicely made. It heavy enough to keep your loved one warm with a comfortable feel.


  • My mom loves how comfortable, warm and soft this Twiddle AdaptiWrap shirt is, and that it has a kangaroo pocket to keep her hands warm. She also enjoys the twiddle fidget thingie hanging off it, to play with. She thinks it's cute, though she hasn't "needed" it today, yet.My dad and I appreciate how it snaps at the upper back, instead of having to go over her head, or be buttoned all up, which helps us help her put it on, to dress up easily.I appreciate also that the twiddle fidget thing is removable for when I do their laundry, and that the red fleece long sleeve
    shirt does well in washer and dryer.I think this is an awesome invention! I hope she can have more in different colors. It's almost like a sensory toy for adults.


  • Glad to a senior family member with dementia, immediately calmed and focused him and eased his agitation. Almost like a 'blankey' for the elderly - excellent product!

    Tanya Onori

  • My mother suffers from dementia and often frets with her hands so the muff has helped to reduce her fidgeting. She also has poor circulation and the soft muff is a warm comfort for her chilled hands. She did not like the plastic ball buttoned inside the muff, but it was simple to remove. She does not presently "play" with the attached beads and ribbons, but she may reach a point where they keep her attention. It is so difficult to find useful and appealing gifts for dementia patients that improve gross motor skills and fine motor skills but this muff turned out to be my mom's favorite Christmas gift.

    Kerrie Lee

  • Twiddles open the doors to imagination and social interaction for children of various ages and developmental levels, with multiple uses—from a cozy comfort ‘buddy’ to an engaging, interactive puppet.

    Breanne Kearney - Occupational Therapist

  • I work with children with autism and brought some of the Twiddle toys for autism which also function as visual aids. For autism therapies it's important for an autistic child to have sensory integration as found in all autism classrooms. Regular stuffed animals have been a good go-to but Twiddles offer a lot more than just touch. Classroom sensory aids are great for these kids and they sometimes even share, which is fun to watch as they build their social skills. If you have a child with autism, this is the first stop for assistive technology that makes it very easy for people with autism to focus on the real task in front of them, whatever that is.

    Johanna Rodas - ABA Therapist for Autistic Children

  • In a sea of hard choices that are as unique as every child, a Twiddle is a safe, easy choice to add to the comfort toolbox.

    Heather Bloom

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