Meeting sensory needs with comfort, warmth, activity.


Our guiding principle for the adaptive AdaptiWrap is "Comfort and utility IS the style," i.e., every element of the design has a purpose that benefits the wearer, and, by extension, her caregiver. 

  • The athleisure design combines style and function, and increases the garment's appeal to international customers.
  • The polar fleece material is high-quality, cozy, non-pilling, durable, stain-resistant and machine washable/dryable, making it a preferred wardrobe staple.
  • The AdaptiWrap is put on the wearer from the front, like a Tour de France podium jersey. It's like giving her a hug, and avoids the ordeal of pulling the garment down over the head, which can cause anxiety, disorientation, resistance and upset.
  • The AdaptiWrap is loosely fitted, for comfort and ease of movement, and to accommodate a base layer, if desired. It facilitates assistance with dressing.
  • The fashion-forward funnel collar, importantly, protects the neck, which, for elders, is particularly vulnerable to drafts.
  • The snaps-at-the-shoulders closure mechanism is safer than buttons, zippers, and more durable than Velcro. It discourages the wearer from disrobing at inappropriate places and times.
  • The double panel back closure provides warmth and full coverage when the wearer is lifted or turned. The design avoids fabric bulk down the spine, which is uncomfortable when sitting or reclining.
  • The garment back is 2" longer for coverage and style, but not so long as to interfere with toileting.
  • The garment front features a kangaroo pocket large enough for the wearer to keep her hands warm.
  • The kangaroo pocket will contain a snap ribbon loop for a fidget, if desired, to keep hands and mind active and engaged.
  • A smaller pocket on the upper left arm is an athleisure style element, and features the Twiddle® logo. This pocket can accommodate a key and credit card, for potential users not living with dementia, e.g., those with limited shoulder mobility or traumatic brain injury.
  • Slightly elongated elbow pads prevent wear, and provide a little extra comfort for weary arms in a wheelchair.
  • The chest area of the garment is clear, should memory care facilities want to customize the AdaptiWrap with an embroidered logo, or so a caregiver can embellish it with a patch or other insignia from the wearer's university, club or favorite sport team.


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