Meeting sensory needs with comfort, warmth, activity.


Twiddles® are soft, therapeutic aids that help those with autism to calm, engage and self-regulate … whether children, youth or adults.

At any age, people with autism need help making the right neurological connection to find the “just-right” zone in their world. Providing comfort or activity as needed, Twiddles assist in organizing tactile, visual and auditory input. They’re also a way of expanding someone’s personal space, and a wonderful distraction.

Cuddly and playful, Twiddles make a reassuring addition to a caregiver’s behavior modification resources. As a less-expensive, drug-free option, they’re ideal for use at home, in a “safe space” at school, and in group homes.

Each Twiddle is made from a cozy, durable fabric. Four different fidget attachments help comfort or engage people across the autism spectrum, whether they’re drawn to or dysregulated by sensory input. Tethered inside is a flexible, soft-plastic orbit ball.

Attached to the outside are three detachable gadgets:

  • a sealed satin or buckskin crackle pouch
  • a soothing strand of textured ribbons
  • a playful loop of colorful wooden beads

Additional features:

  • a Velcro® pull-tab
  • a name tag
  • machine-washable
  • safety-tested to meet U.S. & European standards